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There are moments in our lives where things seem to get knocked off balance, and in those times we may choose to seek help and support. Asking for help and finding the right type of support are difficult tasks, and it takes courage to stay the path and create lasting change. I am here to help you on your journey.

I specialize in working with adults and young adults using an experiential approach based in mindfulness, dialectical behavior therapy, Gestalt, animal assisted therapy, person-centered and body-centered therapy techniques.

Whether it be out at the horse barn or seated in the office, experiential therapy provides you with an opportunity in the therapeutic session to elicit emotions “in the moment” and practice new behaviors and responses. I utilize interactions with animals, nature, and one’s own body and breath to facilitate self-awareness and change.

You, are your her own wise healer and you innately have the knowledge to guide yourself towards health. My role is to encourage, challenge, and facilitate that unique process within each of you.

Emily Nemeth, LPC
325 NW 21st Ave., Suite 103
Portland, Oregon 97209