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The yoga mat is practice for living a full and satisfying life. There are opportunities to be challenged, bored, fearful, compassionate, gentle, and to be present mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

My yoga instruction is influenced by principles of physical, mental and emotional health and balance. Inspired by Bikram yoga, free-flowing Vinyasa, and Core Power Yoga’s teacher training, I enjoy teaching invigorating classes and challenging postures which hold the attention of our minds and help us become at one with our bodies.

I love to share the great benefits of yoga with others, and cater to private yoga lessons, corporate wellness programs, and group classes.

The mindfulness practice of yoga can provide relief in a world with innumerable stressors.

While I strongly recommend the practice of yoga as a health benefactor, please know that my yoga teaching is not part of my counseling practice.

Emily Nemeth, LPC
325 NW 21st Ave., Suite 103
Portland, Oregon 97209